My Epic Life is entering hypersleep...

Hey folks...

I have some not so jolly news. I won't be updating this blog anymore, at least not in the near future. I'm simply spread way too thin at the moment, trying to divide my time and energy between multiple projects. I had to cut something. And although I love this blog and my vision for it, I'm not sure if I'm the one to do it all.

To all of you who have read and commented: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your words of encouragement has meant a lot to me. I know I'm disappointing you by abandoning the site. Hopefully, you can forgive me. If you want to read similar content from me, you can find some at It won't be quite the same style of content as here, but it will be close enough, with some other topics mixed in.

I wont be killing the blog, as I've spent so much time creating this content that might still be of value to people. But I also won't be touching the site anymore. It will be yet another blog floating through cyberspace in some kind of hypersleep... *sniff*

I am considering handing it over to anyone who love the concept and would like to take it and run with it. If that's you, throw me an email!

Gamify your life: The character sheet

How do most role playing games start? With choosing an avatar, right? 

The process of real life character creation might be a bit different from how it is in games, but it's really a great way to re-assess yourself and get a new perspective on life.

In this first part of my Gamify your life-series, we'll look at the character sheet: establishing who you are in life, your baseline stats, strengths and weaknesses. 

Gamify your life: A crash course in personal gamification

As gamers, we are so used to possessing super powers that real life can sometimes give us phantom limb syndrome.

In the games we play, we can double jump three stories high, lift heavy objects and portal gun across different platforms. When we step out our front door, reality hits us in the face. We move slowly. Our legs get tired from too much walking. And we have to stand in line and take the stairs just like everyone else.

There's an inevitable fantasy in most gamers to make our real selves more like our game selves. That's why a lot of us at some point get a gym membership and start reading books about psychology, NLP and persuasion techniques. We realize that reality is a system that can be hacked. Now we just need to figure out how to hack it...

Your votes for the first Level Up-guide are in!

A while ago, I asked you to vote for what kind of thing you wanted me to create for you. Guess what? The votes are in...

The winner, receiving 24,5% av the votes, is:

Level Up Your Willpower: The Nerd's Guide To Better Discipline, Self-Control And Motivation

Wow! Turns out, your favorite subject is also my favorite subject. The quest for willpower is probably one of the most challenging, and therefor most desirable, of all psychological challenges. It's almost like a kind of superpower. We love to imagine all the things we could accomplish in life if only we had more willpower. It's on the list alongside flying, invisibility and telekinesis. Although the skill of willpower is not some comic book fantasy, but something you could actually start to systematically train.

This guide will include a research packed, fluff-free and (hopefully) highly entertaining e-book, a step-by-step Level Up-plan, and a resource collection to help you on your noble quest for power over the self.

Thanks to everyone who voted! <3

How to be multi-class and own it

Ever feel like you’re compulsively interested in just about everything? Are you torn between all the things you want to do and desperately trying to focus? Don't worry, you're not a scatter brain or a schizophrenic. You are a polymath, or in geek-speak: a multi-class person.

Help me choose what to create for you!

Hey guys,

I was thinking I'd create something extra big and extra awesome for you during the next month. Problem is, I don't know what idea to go for. Can you please tell me which of my 6 ideas you'd prefer?

All of these options will include an E-book Guide, a printable step-by-step Level Up-plan, and a Resource Collection designed to help you level up a certain area of yourself.

Go to this quick survey, take a look at my ideas and vote for your favorite. (If you'd rather I create something entirely different, you can write a custom answer as well.)

Thanks for helping out! <3

App: Progress Bar Timer! Keep track of that New Year's resolution...

Progress bars. Neat things, right? Too bad they're so hard to come by, in a nice and customizable format. I did however stumble upon this Chrome app, and thought I might recommend it for you other progress-fond friends.

"What will I do with a progress bar app", you ask? Well let me tell you...

Real Life vs. Games: Why mining ore in a MMORPG is more enjoyable than a paying job

Life in the flesh can be spectacular. All that walking around, eating food, having sex and feeling the wind in our face. Is there really any substitute for physical existence? Are we wasting our lives playing video games? Are we missing out?

Why you should play HabitRPG right now

I feel so ashamed for not having discovered this earlier. Apparently this guy named Tyler Renelle has made a web-based game called HabitRPG. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: a habit reinforcing app with classic role-playing game design. *drool*

Self-discipline is the ultimate life skill

Think motivation's what you need to reach your goals and be awesome? Nope. All you need is some kick-ass self-discipline. Let me explain why.