App: Progress Bar Timer! Keep track of that New Year's resolution...

Progress bars. Neat things, right? Too bad they're so hard to come by, in a nice and customizable format. I did however stumble upon this Chrome app, and thought I might recommend it for you other progress-fond friends.

"What will I do with a progress bar app", you ask? Well let me tell you...

Real Life vs. Games: Why mining ore in a MMORPG is more enjoyable than a paying job

Life in the flesh can be spectacular. All that walking around, eating food, having sex and feeling the wind in our face. Is there really any substitute for physical existence? Are we wasting our lives playing video games? Are we missing out?

Why you should play HabitRPG right now

I feel so ashamed for not having discovered this earlier. Apparently this guy named Tyler Renelle has made a web-based game called HabitRPG. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: a habit reinforcing app with classic role-playing game design. *drool*

Self-discipline is the ultimate life skill

Think motivation's what you need to reach your goals and be awesome? Nope. All you need is some kick-ass self-discipline. Let me explain why.

My Epic Life: The beginning, and the story so far

My name is Louise and I am a wannabe superhero.

There, I said it.

You know how wanting to improve yourself can sometimes feel a little, I don't know, selfish? And talking about self-improvement can feel almost embarrassing. A kind of vanity, maybe. In Sweden, where I live, it's generally frowned upon to try to be better than anyone else, and to "put yourself out there" for everyone to see.

Yet here I am, putting myself and all of my self-improvement vanity out for the world to see.