App: Progress Bar Timer! Keep track of that New Year's resolution...

Progress bars. Neat things, right? Too bad they're so hard to come by, in a nice and customizable format. I did however stumble upon this Chrome app, and thought I might recommend it for you other progress-fond friends.

"What will I do with a progress bar app", you ask? Well let me tell you...

A progress bar is a way of giving visual feedback on your progress in a task or area. Getting clear feedback on where we are in relation to our goals is the single most effective way to stay motivated and avoid procrastination. A progress bar is better than just showing numbers or percentages because it displays movement, and shows not only how far you've gotten but how much is left.

You could actually view a set of progress bars as a very simple quest log. Perfect if you're gamifying your life.

The smaller the increments you can add to the progress bar, the better. You'll want to see it move with every bit of effort you put in. Lucky for us, this app has a lot of different increments and styles to choose from.

Some other tools that have come close to offering good progress bar action are Lifetick and Level Me Up, but sadly, they are cluttered with unnecessary features and are not as flexible. I love the minimalism in Progress Bar Timer.

Examples of what to track with progress bars: 

  • words written in a writing project
  • pounds or kilos lost or gained
  • miles or kilometers walked or run
  • followers on Twitter
  • money in the savings account
  • days left until the next episode of Game of Thrones
  • or that New Year's resolution that you'll otherwise probably drop somewhere around April due to lack of motivation. Ahem.

You can find Progress Bar Timer here. Or by searching for "progress bar timer" in Chrome Web Store.

Do you know of any other good progress bar tool or app? Let me know! Can't get enough of them...

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