How to be multi-class and own it

Ever feel like you’re compulsively interested in just about everything? Are you torn between all the things you want to do and desperately trying to focus? Don't worry, you're not a scatter brain or a schizophrenic. You are a polymath, or in geek-speak: a multi-class person.

Help me choose what to create for you!

Hey guys,

I was thinking I'd create something extra big and extra awesome for you during the next month. Problem is, I don't know what idea to go for. Can you please tell me which of my 6 ideas you'd prefer?

All of these options will include an E-book Guide, a printable step-by-step Level Up-plan, and a Resource Collection designed to help you level up a certain area of yourself.

Go to this quick survey, take a look at my ideas and vote for your favorite. (If you'd rather I create something entirely different, you can write a custom answer as well.)

Thanks for helping out! <3