Your votes for the first Level Up-guide are in!

A while ago, I asked you to vote for what kind of thing you wanted me to create for you. Guess what? The votes are in...

The winner, receiving 24,5% av the votes, is:

Level Up Your Willpower: The Nerd's Guide To Better Discipline, Self-Control And Motivation

Wow! Turns out, your favorite subject is also my favorite subject. The quest for willpower is probably one of the most challenging, and therefor most desirable, of all psychological challenges. It's almost like a kind of superpower. We love to imagine all the things we could accomplish in life if only we had more willpower. It's on the list alongside flying, invisibility and telekinesis. Although the skill of willpower is not some comic book fantasy, but something you could actually start to systematically train.

This guide will include a research packed, fluff-free and (hopefully) highly entertaining e-book, a step-by-step Level Up-plan, and a resource collection to help you on your noble quest for power over the self.

Thanks to everyone who voted! <3