Gamify your life: A crash course in personal gamification

As gamers, we are so used to possessing super powers that real life can sometimes give us phantom limb syndrome.

In the games we play, we can double jump three stories high, lift heavy objects and portal gun across different platforms. When we step out our front door, reality hits us in the face. We move slowly. Our legs get tired from too much walking. And we have to stand in line and take the stairs just like everyone else.

There's an inevitable fantasy in most gamers to make our real selves more like our game selves. That's why a lot of us at some point get a gym membership and start reading books about psychology, NLP and persuasion techniques. We realize that reality is a system that can be hacked. Now we just need to figure out how to hack it...

Let's say you're dabbling in personal development and want to give it a geekier touch. You know about goal setting, streaks, time boxing and other useful tips and tricks to accomplish more in your every day life. But now you want to make it a bit more exciting.

You could turn to apps. There are many great ones that put a geeky spin on personal development, including Habit RPG, EpicWin and Fitocracy.

But what if you wanted a more holistic approach. What if you're more of a Do It Your Self:er and want to craft your own system from scratch? That's what this blog is for. If you've already read The Epic Life Manifesto, these next posts are the follow-up to that. I will teach you my system for gamifying your life, the most important components of it, and how to use them in your life. It's about designing a better game (life) and becoming better at playing (living) it. 

So, how will we do this?

In the following posts, I will delve deeper into each of the components I have found to be the most useful to borrow from games. I will tell you how I use them and how you can adapt them into your own life and tweak them to fit your needs.

Keep an eye out for part 1, it'll be up in a few days...

Until then: Go forth and be epic!

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