My Epic Life is entering hypersleep...

Hey folks...

I have some not so jolly news. I won't be updating this blog anymore, at least not in the near future. I'm simply spread way too thin at the moment, trying to divide my time and energy between multiple projects. I had to cut something. And although I love this blog and my vision for it, I'm not sure if I'm the one to do it all.

To all of you who have read and commented: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your words of encouragement has meant a lot to me. I know I'm disappointing you by abandoning the site. Hopefully, you can forgive me. If you want to read similar content from me, you can find some at It won't be quite the same style of content as here, but it will be close enough, with some other topics mixed in.

I wont be killing the blog, as I've spent so much time creating this content that might still be of value to people. But I also won't be touching the site anymore. It will be yet another blog floating through cyberspace in some kind of hypersleep... *sniff*

I am considering handing it over to anyone who love the concept and would like to take it and run with it. If that's you, throw me an email!

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