Normal self-improvement is boring

I don't know where you are today, or what your feelings about personal development are, but for me it's all about control. Power, really. Over that which you can control, which is yourself. This quote by Plato sums it up perfectly:
To conquer oneself is the best and noblest victory; to be vanquished by one's own nature is the worst and most ignoble defeat.
Yes, this is a self-improvement blog. But it is a raw, no-bullshit, hands-on applicable self-improvement blog that skips the clichés and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I am sick to my stomach of "147 ways to be more productive" -type articles. If you're like me, you've grown tired of the information overload and feel a need to stop reading and start doing. Making shit happen. I have way too much experience reading, planning and talking about what I want to do. I wanted to become a doer, and the way I found that really worked for me was to turn my life into a game...

Stand back! I'm going to attempt game design...

When was the last time you stood around procrastinating in a video game? Or chickened out before a boss fight, or couldn't be bothered to level up your skills, or gave up as soon as the levels got tough? Probably never, because in games, you are awesome. You are the best version of yourself: motivated, resourceful, persistent. You might fail and get knocked down, but you get up again and kick ass.

I've been a gamer and a nerd since I can remember. For me, gaming is much more than just entertainment. It has really shaped who I am today. It has given me self-confidence, and skills that I can use in my daily life. But still, I feel there's more to be learned from game design to enhance many areas of reality.

When you compare reality to the immersive, rewarding environments of games, it can feel really bleak. So many of us wander through life frustrated, bored, unhappy and confused. Even if we want better for ourselves, there are no easy paths to follow. We're left to our own devices. No wonder it sometimes turns us into apathetic zombies, afraid of failure, stuck in our own comfort zones.

Game design is the psychology of behavior, motivation and fun. (Within actual game development it could also involve designing levels, scripting, writing documentation and much more. Here, I'm talking about the core of game design.)

I've found so many synergies between personal development and game design that I had to find a way to combine my two passions, which is what you see here. I'll give you the very best of what I've learned about personal development, lifehacking and motivation. But I also plan on finding a lot of ways to use my knowledge and experience with game design to get you to succeed with the information. Theory is nothing without practice, and games get you practicing things.

Who am I?

Right. Introductions.

Hi, I'm Louise.

Game designer and writer by trade. (Yeah, I'm multi-class.) Lifehacker and über nerd by heart. Also: biohacker, transhumanist, tech-o-holic, e-sports enthusiast and aspiring superhero (or supervillain, depending on the mood).

Oh, and I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. During daytime, I work as a digital strategist consultant and entrepreneur. Occasionally, I write about digital strategy, game psychology and gamification in this other blog of mine.

I started MyEpicLife to chronicle my own studies and practices within the field of self-optimization. But my number one mission is to help you. I hope that this blog can inspire and entertain you, as well as give you usable tools for your own epic quests. And if there is ever a way for me to provide you with more value, I want you to tell me about it. I like a good challenge.

Alright, enough with the talking. Off you go.

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